APL APOLLO Rectangle Pipe – Buy Now

APL APOLLO Rectangle Pipe – Buy Now from U.K & Sons the best Dealers for Apollo Rectangle Pipe Products.

Apollo Rectangle Pipes are best in class and easy to fabricate. We at U.K & Sons are the largest inventory holders of APL APOLLO RECTANGLE PIPE in India.

We are located in Delhi, UP, Haryna, Punjab, and also J&K.

for any any project call us to get the best quotations and also availability. We provide best solutions right from Ordering to Dispatch.

Rectangle Pipe Dealer – APL APOLLO

We deals in all sizes available from 26mmx13mmx1.6mm to 400mmx200mmx12mm.

Get the latest rates and quote from us by calling us at 9873186252, 9555086252.

Use of Rectangle pipe is for Gate, Window frames, Door frames, and also Industrial Sheds etc.

We supply all grades of Rectangle Pipe right from IS:4923 Grade YST 210, YST 240, YST 310, and also YST 355.

The purpose of rectangle pipe is to provide the strength to the overall base as the bending power in comparison to round pipe is much higher.

Rectangle Pipe YST- 210

Apollo Rectangle Pipes Grade – 210 as per IS 4923 is for general purpose usage such as gate, grills, furniture and frames.

APL APOLLO Rectangle Pipe

Rectangle Pipes YST – 240

APL APOLLO is the largest manufacturer of Special grade material such as YST-240 Grade Pipe for medium to heavy payload.

YST-240 is applicable for Sheds, Canopy’s and Agriculture equipment.

Contact us now to buy Rectangle Pipes – APL APOLLO

Contact us to buy cost effective Rectangle Pipes from us and drop your mail any time on ukindustries_in @yahoo.com

We will happy to share our best quote with you.

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